Polaroid One Step - Vintage Instant Camera

Polaroid One Step - Vintage Instant Camera


Product Information

The OneStep 600 instant film camera from Polaroid is a simple and efficient device. This Polaroid camera comes with an integrated flash and features a two to ten-foot flash range, capturing instant images. The selectable close-up lens of this instant film camera is useful for capturing objects that are two to four feet away, and the automatic electric shutter makes it easy to take shots in low-light conditions with a speed of 1/4 - 1/200 of a second. This Polaroid camera requires 600-format film, and has a slider for adjusting exposure. This lightweight two-pound instant film camera flaunts reliable construction, and is great for family outings and sight-seeing. Capture every moment with the OneStep 600.

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I have never used this camera. It seems to be in great condition. The battery is located in the film packs - not the camera. I do not have any film to use to test the camera out unfortunately. If you want the camera tested out, you could send me an empty film pack that you know the battery works on.


This camera uses Polaroid 600 film which you can purchase here for $17 or on the Polaroid website for $19.

Sold As Is. No Refunds.