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why storytelling is a compelling marketing tool


You want to reach your audience and make an impact, but so does every other brand.
Sure, you offer a great product… but why should anyone care? 

With the amount of ads and digital clutter people see every day when they log into the web, you’re competing for their attention and their attention is a scarcity. 

So how do we grab their attention?

Storytelling + compelling visuals.

These days, the average human’s’ attention span has dropped down to 8 seconds.

You have 8 seconds to grab their attention and there is no better way than to draw them into a story.
Don’t bombard them with words upon words- studies are showing that most people skim the stories they read, focusing more on the visual information presented to them. For ages, storytelling has been an essential part of human life. Stories activate our minds, placing the reader at the heart of the story - engaged in what is going to happen next.

The new way of communicating with your audience is through strong visuals that give them a reason to think twice about what you are communicating to them.


audience recall memory

With a study composed of marketing to group of 100 people marketing messages with words and images + words, they were asked what they remembered from the messages 3 days later. 10% of the group remembered the brand message with words only, whereas 65% remembered the brand message with words + images.
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Connect with them on a deeper level

You know the old saying 'A picture is worth a thousand words’? Sure ya do, we all do. It’s because we all have experienced these deeper feelings and meanings that have spoke to us while viewing a photo or video. Good photos are compelling enough to speak volumes for your business.

Scientific studies show that when we're shown emotional images we form a more detailed and stronger memory. When you tap storytelling, you can bring them into the narrative, showing them how you help them, what you stand for, what your values are, the narrative is endless.


Keep the narrative going consistently through your social media and other marketing channels. It takes a while for the message to sink in, so you want to keep the message consistent although the visuals may change. After they have consistently heard your message, it sinks in and you are who they think of when they need that problem solved.

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Visual Storytelling Translates to SALES

It comes with no surprise that once your customers become engaged in your brand’s story, seeing themselves in your overall message - they become hooked. They know who you are, what you do, and they can see how this can make their life easier. It’s you who they are going to trust and come to. Being able to communicate with them on this level will bring you lifelong customers - just what you want for long term profits.