World's Only Cactus Plantation - Edwards, MS

Last June, as I was passing through Edwards I finally made the decision to stop and check out the Cactus Plantation. I had heard several rumors that it was closed but I wanted to see for myself first hand. It is very easy to find, there are plenty of signs from the Interstate letting you know where to turn to get there, I didn't even use my GPS.

The gate was open when I arrived, so I pulled on in. I made my way down the drive and he motioned for me to park under a shade tree.

I ended up spending a couple hours here chatting with the owner, John. He seemed to enjoy having company and chatted with me about his life.

He gave me the grand tour of his plantation and took me to the pond out back where we fed some fishies.

I've heard more rumors of those who visited a couple months back and reported a for sale sign on the property. Not sure if these are true, feel free to leave comments with updated information!


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