Red Bluff - Mississippi's Grand Canyon

Another hidden secret in Mississippi is Red Bluff Canyon. It's located in Morgantown, MS (according to my GPS which could have lied to me). It wasn't the easiest place to find but if you have a GPS, just look at the geography of the map and you should find it no problem.

The road is broken and if you fall, I'm sure that won't be any fun at all, so be careful near the edges. The road can easily break off if you're too close to the edge due to erosion underneath.

It's the perfect place for a morning hike and the view is absolutely breath taking.

The view from Red Bluff.

The view from Red Bluff.

There are trails leading down to the bottom of the canyon. Behind it we found this picturesque railroad along with a creek flowing below it. We could have spent hours exploring the area.