Clarks Creek Primitive Trails

Clarks Creek Primitive trails located in Woodville, MS is one of my favorite places in Mississippi. According to the State Wildlife Department, there are around 50 waterfalls located on over 700 acres of land here. We spent the day hiking here and only saw around 7 waterfalls.

Upon arrival, there's an honor box where you leave $3.  


Be prepared for a killer workout when you come, most of the trails on land are uphill.

This is the first waterfall you will come across at Clarks Creek and also the last waterfall we stopped at before leaving. I found it to be the perfect waterfall out of them all to take a break and relax in the water. You can also walk inside the rock behind the falls. If you're thirsty enough, you can drink the water, I did and nothing bad ever happened to me!


The second waterfall we came across was actually harder to get to due to lots of slippery clay and giant boulders. Derrick was the only one of us to climb over to it.

Here we began walking along the creek bed to view more waterfalls. I recommend some great water shoes like chacos. Going barefoot is fine as long as you have tough feet!

Along the way we met a couple who recommended putting clay on our bodies to prevent being stung by horseflies. It worked, don't be afraid to try it!

You can find the primitive trails with this address below, feel free to share your photos with me through the hashtag #themississippiexperience on Instagram. Sign up for the Newsletter below to stay updated on more fun spots in the great Mississippi!

366 Fort Adams Road
Woodville, MS 39669