Adventure Hike & Photoshoot

Started the adventure off heading to this set of colorful abandoned buildings Johnna had driven past and fallen in love with their mystery and beauty. We were out there to work on some new headshots to send to Johnna's agent, but had so much fun we decided to go on an adventure later on.

(All photos taken on the iPhone 6)
Check out those cute hiking shoes! ;)

Check out those cute hiking shoes! ;)

From there, we decided to go to an abandoned train trestle over the Pearl River. We had to hike over a mile through the forest to reach the trestle. Along the way we saw two baby coyotes frolicking through the underbrush.

The trail we are hiking along used to be train tracks, but has since been removed. Rumors have it the city is clearing it out to make a walking/running/biking trail starting as far back as the Belhaven trails in Jackson. Below, we are hiking across a smaller train bridge.

Once we reached the end of the trail, where the bridge starts over the river, we realized we were not able to go any further. Even with our machete, we could not clear out all the weeds growing on the tracks. Sadly, we turned around and played with smoke bombs and headed back to our cars.

All smoke bomb containers and trash were picked up and disposed of properly. When hiking and exploring, make sure not to leave any trash behind.