Island Cycling + River Picnic

October 14, 2015

What a lovely day it was! The hot, humid weather had finally cooled down to where you weren't drenched in sweat from just walking outside your house. Mary and I set out on our bikes to explore the little island in Columbus.
From swamps, to mysterious tall buildings, and abandoned night clubs, the island has it all. Owls perch on the limbs in the forest and fill the air with their eerie cries.
Soon, we headed back home to prepare for a little picnic we planned. We found some vegan recipes on pinterest that looked great, we thought we would be showing our friend that vegan food actually tastes great contrary to popular belief. We hiked 2.5 miles to this particular spot alongside the river. We had to go through a jungle to get there, Mary and Clay were not amused. Soon, we discovered the mosquitoes and that our vegan picnic food was the worst thing we had ever tasted. Luckily, the sunset was beautiful and we had something to laugh about later.
Mary's facial expressions are hilarious at times.

Mary's facial expressions are hilarious at times.