Lake Tahoe, California

August 9, 2015

It was a cool, crisp, perfect desert morning in Reno. The fog was rolling across the mountains in the distance and we were packing our things to leave JDs house and head to Lake Tahoe. Pretty sure I fell asleep in the car, but we made it to the North Rim before noon so we did the typical touristy things. We went down to the shore line, which was filled with smooth pebbles and waded out into the clear waters. We chatted with some guy paddle boarding and then went on to the top to look out over the waters. Here we actually spotted a nest of bald eagles in the distance. 
desert iphone 2015 957.JPG
WILD WEST 2015 038.jpg
We stayed with Corley's close friends when we got there. We stayed with some of the nicest people, I was also so glad to have someone my age there as well. We spent the afternoon chatting and lighting up the Barbe' with them in the loveliest backyard in Tahoe. The way the sun shone through the trees and hit the earth was magical.

 Night had just started to fall, the air had cooled down, and the atmosphere of the town was unlike any other. We made our way through a grove of trees and down to the lake. We hopped in the kayak and went around the lake. The sun was down and the lights from the houses on the lake glimmered across the waters. In the distance, men were laughing aboard a sailboat, probably kicking back and drinking a beer. 

August 10, 2015

Morning came far too soon, we were up before the sun. The sand was cool between our toes as we made our way down to the water. You could see the earth start to awaken as the sun peaked over the mountains, creating the most beautiful pastel gradient above the mountain range. Birds sang in the distance and a cool breeze gently greated us.