Escape to Rock Mountain

August 15, 2015

It was our last day in Reno and I had yet to go out into the desert and just sit in the dirt. Weird, but I've always wanted to go sit in the desert dirt and as much as I had been out there, I hadn't even done it yet. Mainly since, there are rocks or chairs to sit on when you're out and about. So here I went on this journey to find a bird preserve and sit in the dirt and watch them with my binoculars. One too many wrong turns and I just realized I had accidentally eaten dairy. Uh oh. 

I pulled out my binoculars and searched far and wide to see what I could see on the horizon. In the far distance, I spotted the red roof of what looked to be a convenient store. Sure, it was at least a mile and a half away and there was the possibility of it being closed, but I had to take that chance. So here I went, crossing over a dried up river bed, going through really tall sage brush, luckily there was a path here for some strange reason. 
Finally, I'm in the home stretch. The gas station looks to be only half a mile away. I pass by Rock Mountain. Interesting, but I have no room in my brain to think about that right now, I was on a mission. I cut through someones back yard and made it to the road. I realized I was in a strange part of town where there could be the possibility of me being kidnapped, but I trekked on anyway. So far, I had seen no one. 
I finally arrived in this little shopping area in the middle of who knows where. There was a laundry mat and other small stores in this shopping center. The parking lot was mostly empty, besides a couple cars parked by the laundry mat. A black SUV pulled up and stopped across the street from where I was. The window rolled down and all I could see were their black sunglasses, looking in my direction. I ran to the laundry mat. It was hot, my heart was racing, there were fans blowing, a couple people were inside, but it was an eerie quiet. Chills went down my spine as I made my way to the back. A creepy man sat alone in the back corner not 10 ft from the restroom. I swiftly walked past him, went inside and locked the door. Well, tried to lock the door. The door wouldn't lock. Trust me, the photos don't do this place justice of how creepy it was. I thought the man was going to open the door and kill me, so I just left. 

As I continued on, a gas station was right around the corner. It was so strange. I had to walk down a long hallway in the back just to get to the restroom. The buzz of old lightbulbs filled the air. I was genuinely scared I may get kidnapped. Inside the bathroom, lo and behold there was a large cabinet of some sort; taller than I was. So, of course I looked inside of it. Tons and tons of old computers and computer parts, I shut it. 
As I was leaving the parking lot, I noticed the same black Tahoe with tinted windows. The men were watching me again. Great. Walking through the desert alone was not a good idea. When has it ever been a good idea to just walk out into the desert alone without a plan? My mind kept going to this missing persons case I saw on television when I was 5. A man had tricked this girl into letting him give her a ride home after school and they found her body a week later in the woods. I remember my mother was upset because she didn't want me watching the news and seeing how horrible the world was. My mind was racing with thoughts that I would be kidnapped and found dead in the desert like that girl was. I continued walking, looking for places to run, thinking of what to do if I was being followed. I saw rock mountain again. 

Suddenly, climbing Rock Mountain became a great idea. I started my ascent up the miniature mountain. The rocks were filled with graffiti. Splendid. This kind of makes me think I shouldn't have come up here. I thought someone could be hiding behind the rocks and jump out and attack me. Why do I have all of these crazy thoughts?! Okay, so once I'm up there, I realize I've just been over thinking this whole situation. I just found a bathroom, I'm in the desert, on a mountain, and I'm starting to feel more relaxed. As I look out at the desert before, I just can't get over how beautiful it is! 
desert iphone 2015 2157.JPG
As I rest at the top of rock mountain, I sit on the rocks and just watch the world out in front of me. The sounds of the neighborhood behind me drift through the air. I smell someone cooking meat on the barbe', I hear kids laughing as they play outside, I hear a worried mother calling for her child. Suburbia. It was lovely. The breeze danced by and said hello. I watched a few planes fly by overhead.

At some point, a young girl ran up the mountain, calling for her friends before eventually coming to ask me if I had seen Michael. I had not. Again, all I could think about was how dangerous it was for this small child to be running up here alone. Any creeper could be hiding on this mountain of rocks and could kidnap that child. Boy, I better not have kids, I'd probably be overprotective.
After 3 hours of being gone, I realized I really needed to start heading back. It wasn't until I started walking that I realized how dehydrated I had become. The only water I had was held in a whisky flask that fit easily into the side pocket of my backpack. I thought that I was going to pass out, so I drank the water quickly and headed on my way. I'm sure if anyone saw me I probably looked like a drunkard drinking whiskey and walking through the desert, but that was hardly the case. Needless to say, I was scared to death walking back because I kept thinking I saw figures hiding behind the sage brush. It reminded me of the the stories in the bible and old westerns, where bandits would hide behind things in the desert, then jump out and rob you.