Howdy ho! I’m Katie - the photographer behind Moon Valley Creative.


Last year I quit my job at a bank and began the wondrous and challenging, van life. The western half of the United States has drawn me in, one of the reasons - volcanoes and how they’ve shaped the landscape. Most visitors are completely unaware just how much volcanic activity once was going on (and some still is) from Arizona up to Washington and further into Canada and Alaska. It’s everywhere once you get to looking. Besides exploring and researching these areas, my love lies in bringing people out to the areas to photograph them in such wondrous landscapes. Currently, I am stationed between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona - settled down in an area for a bit to work on research and exploration in this region.

My other half is Kyle and you’ll typically find us together at almost any given point. He’s super rad and makes jewelry, plays guitar and sings, but also cares for people really deeply. We love drinking coffee together, going surfing, flying (he’s a pilot and I’m a student pilot), and seeing what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into. We aren’t climbing experts, but we do enjoy it for fun when we get the chance. Per se, I grew up climbing trees in Mississippi and he grew up climbing rocks in Washington. Our last climbing adventure was through a canyon where we got stuck on a ledge for two hours due to mental exhaustion. Luckily, other climbers came and were able to talk us through getting down. Still fun none-the-less!

Below: A slideshow of photos that give you insight into my daily life / interests. I love good architecture so theres a mix of that as well as interior design in the mix.


Working with me

Color is one of my favorite things about every day life. The vibrancies of colors or the lack of colors surrounding us - the way colors interact with one another, ah! I just can’t get enough of it. Through shooting film over the years, I have also come to love shooting in black and white. It brings back a nostalgia from looking at my grandparents old photos when growing up. This brings moody black and whites to the mix and an editing style that brings photos a film resemblance. Lighting also plays a huge roll in each photo - without the morning or afternoon light to give my photos more character, they wouldn’t be much fun. For this reason, if we are scheduling a shoot together it will be in either the early morning hours right before and after sunrise or the afternoon before and after the sun sets. These are considered the golden and blue hours which make the magic happen in the photo world.



Through exploration of various areas, I have many locations logged that we can go for a shoot - it all depends on what you are wanting. City? Nature? Long hikes? Indoor portraits? We’re all different as humans, which means, we aren’t going to want the same exact thing as someone else and in that case just know you have options. If you want to be in nature but not really hike far - great, I know some spots. You want to hike 10 miles or so up into a spot, awesome - we’ll do it. Your photoshoot - your adventure.

Arizona Portrait Photographer | Katie Corley

The Process

My approach is very easy going, low stress, and natural.

Before our session, we will be in contact a bit - planning and going over expectations and what your vision is for the photos.
If we’re close by, I love being able to go out and do something fun with ya for an evening so we can get to know each other better before photos. We build our relationship with each other so that we can create more meaningful art together.

Once it’s the day of our photo session or the elopement, we will be pretty comfortable with one another!
This creates a more easy going environment where we feel more vulnerable to create. We will take breaks and
have fun during photos. Each package has been created with enough time for the easy going nature of it.
That being said, we won’t be shooting strictly for that amount of time.



“We’re awkward!”, “What do I do with my hands?”, or “I don’t know how to pose!” are things I hear often. This isn’t something that comes natural to most people, so just know that you have me to help you through the entire shoot to look and feel your best. Think of it as a movie almost and I’m the director… which means, you’re the actor/actress. I will work with you through different movements, body positions, expressions, and where to place your hands!

I believe that art is a collaborative process. We are creating these images together - so we will be working together to plan and communicate wants / expectations. If there is something specific you are wanting, don’t be shy to share it with me - I’m here to make it happen for you!



Your elopement is a special day between you and your hunny-pie, one that you guys will be celebrating once a year for the rest of your lives. What is it that you guys want to be doing together to celebrate becoming one? There is no right or wrong answer, it’s your day and you guys can celebrate doing whatever it is your heart desires.

I love the laid-back, adventurous and spontaneous nature that elopements bring. Too many times I’ve shot weddings where the bride or groom is just not having a good day because they’re just going through all the motions of doing what everyone else wants them to do. Everyone’s elopement is different and special in their own way, this is what I love about elopements - it’s not going to be the same as anyone else’s. It’s going to be authentic and it’s going to be totally you. 

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday
7am - 3pm



california elopement photographer

Where are you located?

Phoenix, Arizona.

How many photos do I get back?

There is no set number of photos you receive from a photo session or elopement. You will always receive all the full original resolution, edited digital image files.

What if it rains?

We will reschedule the shoot if it rains. If it is overcast, you have the option to reschedule to a sunnier day without losing your deposit. 

If it rains during your elopement, we just go for it! After all, a little rain never hurt anyone - if anything, it adds to the fun and your story.

How do payment schedules work?

I require a 30% retainer to secure your spot on my calendar. This retainer is non-refundable. The remaining 70% is due 3 months before your wedding date.

Payment Methods:
Cash ;) , Venmo, Credit Card (fees apply for CC payments)


After the Shoot

rings by joseph hanna | southwest elopement

How long until I get my photos back?

Portraits: 3-4 weeks
Elopements/ Weddings: 6-7 weeks

Can you put this in black and white but leave one part in color?


Are prints available? How will I get my photos back after the session?

Portrait sessions will be returned via digital file download.

Weddings are delivered on a USB drive as well as digital download.

Prints will be available through the online gallery of your photos. They’re high quality prints and ship pretty dang fast too!

If there were any questions that you had that were not answered, contact me here and let me know!
Curious about me shooting your elopement and what all that entails?
Email me today and I’ll send you my Elopement Info Guide.