Moon Valley Creative

Howdy Ho! It’s Katie here.

Since May of 2017 I have been traveling the Western United States and parts of Canada and Mexico. I am currently residing in Tucson, Arizona so that I may explore this beloved desert landscape and spend time with those I love in life. My favorite parts of Tucson are tucked away in the saguaros and rigid mountains - I have spent most of my time hiking and camping in the Catalina Mountains. I enjoy painting, but I don’t do it quite as much. A decade ago, I realized how much more I could do with the camera and taking portraits was easier than painting them.

Moon Valley Creative is a collective of photography and jewelry making, as well as collaborating with other artists. Blog posts to come will feature poems from artists alongside photographic works. My goal through Moon Valley Creative is to build deeper relationships with whomever it is that I am working with so that you will experience confidence and beauty through the photographs we create.


Katie Corley | Star Dance Retreat New Mexico

I believe life is meant to be lived in joy, in community with one another- outdoing each other in love and friendship. Life is supposed to be fun and lived with others. Work is important but be sure not to let it overcome your life. Take time to live, to rest, to enjoy it with those around you. And when you find yourself in a place in life that you want to look back on and remember one day, that’s when I come to document life for you. My approach is very easy going, low stress, very natural. I want to provide photographs that showcase your unique life, love and zest. I will incorporate some posing into natural movements. Art is a collaborative process, so I want to really take the time to get to know you before the shoot, so by the time we are shooting together we are in our comfort zones. It takes time to create art and get to know one another, so the process won’t be rushed.




Each package is a unique experience designed specifically with you in mind. During the planning period, I will send over a questionnaire to help with planning, as well getting input from you on what you expect from your session. There is no limit on locations or outfits during your session, just keep in mind that the more you bring to wear or the more places we go, that is less time spent shooting.

Don't worry about feeling awkward in front of the camera, most people I work with do not have a lot of experience in front of the camera. I shoot in all natural lighting outdoors and I try to bring a more natural feel to your portraits. We won't do a whole lot of posing, I will direct you into each moment so your photos will have a more natural and documentary type feel. 

phoenix couple session

Mini Session - $175

A 45 minute photo session in any location you choose. These mini sessions have proved to be great for families, headshots, bloggers, small businesses, and anyone who is just wanting to get a few fun updated photos. 


Portrait Session - $250

An hour and a half session of shooting. Typically we will stick to one general location and take photos in various places there. I will be there to help guide you through looking your best in the photos and picking the best places for the photos. 

swamp adventures with Natalie Phillips and Free People Ridgeland

Adventure Session - $450

Mark out about 2-3 hours in your schedule when booking an adventure session. We will pick out a location, explore, hike, kayak, you name it. You can pick the adventure or I can plan the experience based on your interests.  This session is perfect for couples, as well as individuals. 

Tucson Arizona elopement by Katie Corley

Intimate Weddings + Elopements - Start at $2000

Intimate weddings would be any type of wedding with less than 50 guests. Whereas an elopement would be you + your significant other as well as the officiant. Sometimes you have your immediate family there, sometimes not. Coverage starts off at 4 hours and we can add more if needed. Message me if you would like more information on my complete wedding + elopement packages!





Where are you located?

Tucson, Arizona

How many photos do I get back?

Each session is unique to the person. I can't give you a set amount because I do not limit you to how many you get back. Lets say one person who books a regular portrait session has 3 outfits, whereas another person has 6 outfits. One person will have spent more time changing clothes than the other person and this can effect how much time was actually spent shooting, therefore effecting how many total photos are returned back. I don’t like to limit the photos you get back, so you will get back the majority of your photos!

What if it rains?

We will reschedule the shoot if it rains. If it is overcast, you have the option to reschedule to a sunnier day without losing your deposit. 

Can I reschedule without losing my deposit? 

Yes! Deposits are non-refundable but you may reschedule it to another date due to bad weather or a family emergency.

How much is the deposit to book a date?

The deposit to book the date is going to be 50% of the total price.
**Deposits are non-refundable & will hold your date - if a deposit is not paid, the date/time can not be held for you. 

Payment Methods: Venmo, Paypal, Credit Card



After the Shoot

How long until I get my photos back?

Portraits: 3-4 weeks
Weddings: 6-7 weeks

Can you put this in black and white but leave one part in color?


Will I have to buy prints? How will I get my photos back after the session?

I will return the photos back digitally to you and you will have full print rights to the images. I use PixieSet to deliver files and there you have the option to download and purchase prints as well. There is also the option to have your photos back on a USB, just make sure to let me know you are interested in this. 

If there were any questions that you had that were not answered, contact me here and let me know!