Better Bathroom, Better Business

Why A 5-Star Bathrooms Matters

This matters to your ideal clients, so it should matter to you

What to think about when designing a 5-star bathroom experience

1. Design

2. Lighting

3. Cleanliness

4. Smell


~ Need to have a couple reviews that will be based on how this has helped others' businesses and brought them success in their audience building / sales. 


How will this make my brand stand out?

Each customer that comes into your story is expecting to have a good experience and they just may, if they don’t have to make a stop to the lou. A terrible or mediocre bathroom experience can change the way they feel about the entire experience at your place of business.

The Homeless Problem and Bathrooms

Depending on your location, there may be the issue with the homeless.
This may have your bathroom becoming dirty (you gotta say no). Then there comes the annoying code locks you have to put on doors (c’mon, these suck).