Haley Benson

December 1, 2016

The early hours of the morning were upon us. The cool winter air was finally settling in after the recent rain storms. We were bundled up and walking through the forest looking for this pier I had seen while kayaking. As we ventured to the lake, the sounds of deer and owls echoed through the night.

We had no moon to guide us, only the light from our lantern and the stars above. A light dew had fallen, but luckily we had a blanket to toss down onto the damp pier. The fire from the lantern provided some heat as well.

The stars from the Milky Way were so bright, reflecting onto the water in an eerie way as the fog continuously rolled by. Every now and then you'd hear a fish jump from the water. Then you'd see the occasional star fall from the sky. God has created such a magnificent world.

The light of dawn was soon upon us. The Earth was getting a bit lighter with each passing second. The colors of Autumn surrounded us with their warm orange tones. The fog was still lightly rolling over the still waters, creating the loveliest mood.

Hours had passed us by quickly. We had been so captivated by the Earth's beauty we hardly even noticed. The inhabitants of the lake had awoken, filling the air with song. A flock of geese flew by overhead as we departed. Pinks and blues mixed together on the horizon. The sunrise absolutely stunning.

Moon Valley Creative is a team of nomadic photographers, traveling through the western united states. We specialize in commercial fashion photography as well as laid back elopements.

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