Moon Valley Creative is a collective of photography and jewelry making. My goal through Moon Valley Creative is to build deeper relationships with whomever it is that I am working with so that you will experience confidence and beauty through the photographs we create.

When you find yourself in a place in life that you want to look back on and remember one day, that’s when I come to document life for you. My approach is very easy going, low stress, very natural. I want to provide photographs that showcase your uniqueness and personality. Art is a collaborative process, so I want to really take the time to get to know you before the shoot, so by the time we are shooting together we are in our comfort zones. It takes time to create art and get to know one another, so the process won’t be rushed.



Katie Corley

Photographer + Jewelry Artist
I am the photographer behind Moon Valley Creative and the creator of the rings sold in the shop.
I have been working as a photographer for a decade now, currently living the van life and exploring Arizona. I’ve had a love for the desert and the west since my childhood days and have moved out here since becoming an adult. I spend my free-time exploring, reading, writing, or cycling. I’m also a student pilot, working towards my private pilot certificate. Looking to be able to fly helicopters! Two years ago I finally made the jump to get into jewelry making - diving headfirst into learning the techniques and science behind it all. The process takes a couple weeks, as I handcraft each copper ring and hand pick each stone. The gemstones I use are typically found in their raw form and come from places as far as Mermaid Beach, Australia to the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet.


Office Hours

Monday - Thursday
7am - 4pm

These are surefire times to reach me via phone or email. If you contact me outside of my office hours, there is a chance
you will not be able to get ahold of me. During my time off on weekends, I will either be shooting weddings,
or out flying, hiking, or surfing. No phone service!


If you are interested in booking a session of any type with me, shoot me an email and let me know what type of session you’re looking for and I’ll shoot over my pricing info to ya!